5 reasons you need a website.

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Web Design, Website

Some businesses have no website and feel they it is unnecessary. 

Their business is flourishing, and feel they don’t need to spend more money promoting their business? Or, it’s a brick and mortar business, and an online presence other than using social media is not required.

Here are five reasons you really should have a website, whether your business is a start-up, a charity, a brick and mortar business, or a flourishing one.

It will improve business and brand integrity.

Your business and your brand will help to identify you with your existing and potential customers. Having a online presence that reinforces your brand improves your business integrity and allows potential customers to ‘get a good feel’ for you.

Having additional information, for example, FAQs (frequently asked questions), an about page, and a contact page will provide customers with all the required information they need before making an informed decision. Visitors can then decide to use the website to acquire further information, contact you, or to make a purchase.

It will increase awareness and increase business.

According to (Wp Forms) “55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase” and that “Google averages 40,000 searches every second, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches worldwide per year.”

Google and other search engines will prioritize those businesses that have My Google Business setup, a website, and good SEO (search engine optimization). Check out our previous article here on SEO.  

This example (see image below) searching for local personal trainers indicates the top Google SERP (search engine results page). It demonstrates that those with websites appear at the top of the search results. Other results include online business directories (example: Yell.com) and those businesses that have a My Google business account.

Reinforces your brand.

Having your brand in different places online will help grow awareness and reinforce your brand. 

Having a website allows you to have an online presence that is an extension of your brand and your values.

Cadbury’s is a great example. It reinforces their brand colors, brand style, brand values, and slogan (There’s a glass and a half in everyone). Additionally, their two glasses of pouring milk features in their website’s footer.

An efficient way to promote your business.

A website is a low cost per impression (when people visit your site) marketing tool compared to and will help provide a positive ROI (return on investment). Here at Elev8 Web Design, our one-page template websites start from £247. and typical hosting costs for one year are as low as £2.99 per month. With many online users utilizing search engines to find what they want, having a website will increase your online presence, lead to more visitors, more inquiries, and more sales.

Offers you the chance to upsell to existing customers and new opportunities.

Having a website will allow your business to create new opportunities. Your first one could be a simple browser web design enabling existing and potential customers to find your business and more about your services or products. However, as you have a website, it is easier to promote to new customers, promote new services products to customers, or change to an e-commerce website.  

I’ve outlined a few reasons here for having a website, and there are many more. If you don’t have a one or are looking to utilise your existing one to promote or sell products, then feel free to contact me for a chat.

Sources: https://wpforms.com/the-ultimate-list-of-online-business-statistics/

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