7 Tips to make your website look professional

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Web Design

Whether it’s WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy or SquareSpace there are a variety of options on offer for charities and small businesses when building a website.

With so many templates on offer from these platforms how do you make your website stand out and look professional?

Here are my 7 tips on how to do just that.

Structured for easy navigation and readability: Ask a friend or family member to test your website, it should be easy to read and should naturally flow (easy to follow). Implement the 3-click rule: being able to navigate to any section of the website in 3 clicks.

Check your links: Your website is one of the key ways when portraying your business. Having links that don’t work or a social media links to someone else’s social media pages is one of the big mistakes when building your website and will make it look very unprofessional.  I have seen many template websites with social media links to Wix or GoDaddy’s social media pages.

Pay extra: It’s the face of your business. Having a domain name that starts www.wix, banners for the web builder platform and footers displaying the name of the web builder can make the website appear less professional. Additionally, it could also imply that you are not willing to invest properly in your business and lead to potential buyers or clients asking the same question.

Don’t, please DON’T use free images: Don’t use the free images available in the template. Not only have other people already made this mistake, but it will also affect your SEO (search engine optimisation) as your images are not unique. Where possible use your own photos or pay for stock photos (e.g. iStock, Adobe).

Is it mobile responsive: In today’s busy world more and more people are using mobile phones to visit your website. Every platform is now mobile responsive, but you still need to check your website across different devices and make any alterations to ensure visitors can easily read and access it whatever device they use.

Good content: Having good content is vital, making easy reading for your web visitors and stand out from your competitors. There are plenty of good content writers available to help with this, or, if you have a tight budget, use Grammarly to guarantee that your content is engaging and easy to read.

Clarity and typeface: Colours and typeface choice are two important aspects to consider. Different typefaces can promote your business differently. For example, sans serif fonts can emphasise clarity and a forward-thinking approach whilst script fonts tend to project more creativity and elegance. The colours of your text and background are very important in allowing all your visitors to read your website with ease. Use this tool at https://monsido.com/tools/contrast-checker to check the contrast of your text and background colours.

Obviously, through our web design services we implement all the above when building a website for a client However, if you do go ahead and use the DIY route make sure you use the tips in this article.

Good luck,


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