Que? What is a landing page, and do you need one?

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Web Design

You already have a website, so why then do you need to create a separate page when visitors click on call to action buttons from search engines, social media platforms or any other links?

What exactly is a landing page?

Basically, it’s the first page you ‘land on’ after clicking a link, whether that’s a call to action, direct link from social media or a link from a search engine.  This can be anything from a home page, services page or a blog article. 

However, in the marketing world, a landing page is a page designed to generate leads or sales depending on the objectives of the marketing campaign. 


Some objectives for landing page marketing campaigns

Do you really need a landing page?


If your website is designed to generate purchases, new leads, subscriptions, give you a call, register for an event then the answer is a definite YES!!

When prospective customers/clients visit your website (normally via the homepage) they can wander around and decide on what content they would like to see.  This sounds great in theory, as they are having a good look around, spending time getting to know what your offer is, and if they would be interested. 

But, there’s a good chance they don’t see the newsletter signup form (at the bottom of the page) sometimes hidden in the footer, visit the sales page, or click on the different contact points within the website.  Ultimately they leave without you having any contact information, an email, call or a purchase.


In today’s quick and efficient world visitors need to be directed to the right pages quickly.  Ideally, they want to get what they came for and leave again, or come back another day if the value proposition is right.

A landing page will do all this for you.

How does a landing page help?

  1. It’s specific

Your landing page is specific to the marketing objective, whether that is lead generation (e.g. signup newsletter/email), a specific product or product offering, or registering for an event.  The visitor would’ve clicked on a ‘call to action’ from an advert elsewhere online.  You know they have an interest in what is being offered.

  • Visitors won’t be distracted

Ideally a landing page will provide information about the offering and that is it (definitely no navigation bar).  You might include social media or alternative share option buttons.  Apart from that the visitor is there to engage with what is being offered and not distracted by other choices which would take them away from the landing page.

  • Allows data to be tracked

You can set up tracking analytics like Goole to understand engagement and how well the landing page offers are performing.  This allows you to optimise your marketing campaigns as you can see which offers are performing well and which are not.

  • Easily promoted

Once the marketing objective is set and the landing page design it is very easy to promote with adverts or links from social media platforms and search engines.  It can also be found through SERP’s (search engine results pages).

  • Easy to integrate

It’s relatively straight forward to integrate a landing page with CRM (customer relationship management)software such as Mailchimp or Hubspot to gather customer/client emails and other information for future campaigns.

If you need help with creating landing pages or want to chat further email me at [email protected] or use the contact form

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