Are your keywords holding your website and your business back?

by | Oct 12, 2020 | SEO

Ranking on the first page of Google and Bing is vital for your website and your business. Being well ranked will increase awareness, leading to more visitors and more sales.

Smart Insights highlight Sistrix data that shows 23.3% of visitors will click on the top-ranking website when searching for a keyword, with a drop of to 20.5% for second and 13.3% for the third, which influences the number of new visitors to your website and the ultimately the number of online sales.

One of the elements of good SEO (search engine optimization) and SERP’s (search engine ranking page) is the use of your keyword(s).

Warning: Establishing your website on the first page can take time. A keyword with average competition and average financial rewards can take 2-4 months were a highly competitive keyword with higher financial rewards can take 12+ months. 

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The first objective for improving your online ranking for your website is establishing the right keyword for your business.

When considering the ideal keyword(s) for your business, you need to think like your ideal customer. Check out Hubspot’s tool for this ‘building your customer persona’.

After creating your customer persona, you have a better idea of how they look for your service and the word(s) they use when searching for your products or services online.

Another way to identify your ideal keywords is to look at your competitors’ websites, especially the higher ranking ones, and identify the keyword(s) they are using.

We have developed a tool and tutorial to help with this process and provide you with the ideal number of keywords to use for your website’s copy. If you would like access to this tool please click this link to send an email, adding ‘keyword tool’ in the comments box.


There a few initial steps to make sure your keyword is correctly set up for Google and Bing


Your domain name is vital, and although Google’s algorithms have changed EDM (exact domain names) they can work as long as the content and links are appropriate and not spammy.

The best advice for your domain name is:

  • Domain name length is less than 15 characters long.
  • It contains your keyword.
  • It doesn’t contain hyphens, mixed numbers with words.
  • Abbreviations (I know we haven’t, but we do have a redirect for 
  • It reinforces your brand.


Meta tags, Meta description, image filename along with keywords throughout the website are very important! Google and Bing will look at the meta tags and meta description first to establish what the content of the website is about. Having your keyword here is therefore vital!!  

The same for images. If your image filenames are random numbers or a group of random words that don’t include your keyword then Google and Bing won’t see them as being relevant and subsequently negatively affect your ranking.

Check out our previous blog ‘Now’s the time to improve your SEO for more hints and tips on Meta tags, Meta description, and optimizing images.

To make sure your keywords aren’t holding your website and your business back follow and implement these hints and tips and if you’re not sure drop me an email 

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