SEO Services

Why use our SEO services?

Are you struggling to get the web traffic you need and want?

Are you confused when it comes to keywords, meta descriptions, local SEO, and other terminology?

Is your website slow?

Our SEO (search engine optimisation) services cover everything from keywords, improving your SERP (search engine ranking page) locally and nationally, website speed, and website responsiveness.


Keywords for SEO and SERP is vital. Getting your keywords right will:

  • Help your customers find you easily online and more often.
  • Improve SEO ranking; locally and nationwide.
  • Increase web traffic, inquiries, and sales.

We have a variety of services for keywords, including our keyword power hour.

SEO Services - Keywords
SEO Services - Local SEO

Local SEO

Keeping your audience on your website is more important than ever!

With the ever-growing use in mobile and tablets, responsive design is important for visitors to have a positive user experience.

Our responsive website designs adapt to the devices being used, making your small business or charity visible to all your users and improving your online presence.

Website Speed

Is your website slow? Your website needs to provide an excellent first impression and needs to load quickly.  A website which loads quickly improves:  
  • User experience – Customers (especially new visitors) will expect a quick loading website.  If it takes too long to load, they are likely to leave (usually forever).
  • SEO and SERP – User experience links in with SEO and SERP.  Google and other search engines now use website speed in their alogorthims, especially for mobile devices.
  • Conversions – E-commerce and booking websites observe improved sales from a quicker loading website. Visitors will not wait for pages to load and will look elsewhere if a website is slow.
SEO Services - Website Speed

*Reports and analysis included for first 3 months only.  ** Monthly fees will apply for ongoing performance optimisation.

Case Studies

Buffalo Community Centre

The Buffalo Community Centre needed help to establish a top-ranking for the keyword “Community centre Blyth” and “Room hire Blyth” to establish itself amongst competitors.

After evaluating the website, we improved SERP (search engine results page) through basic and advanced SEO techniques. That included improving meta title, meta description, and adding alt tags.

The link and image demonstrates the SERP for the keywords on Google and Bing.

Keyword one on Google

Keyword two on Bing

SEO Example - Bing Room Hire

Elev8 Web Design

Every web designer/developer who wishes to demonstrate good SEO services should also have a website that performs in their sector.

It is well known that the keyword “web design” is very competitive and achieving page one or number one position is a good achievement.

Having changed our business focus in August 2020 to web design and similar services, we changed our name from Elev8 Creative Marketing to Elev8 Web Design. In October 2020 we launched our new website.

Implementing the SEO practices previously highlighted with ongoing content updates, we have achieved the following results in less than ten months:

  • Number three position for “WordPress web design North Shields” on Google and Bing
  • Number three on Bing for the keyword “web design North Shields”
  • Page two on Google for the keyword “web design North Sheilds
SEO Case Study - Elev8

Church Cottage Wall

We were originally contacted to fix some issues on this clients website.  After making the initial changes we found other issues with the website, the main issue being performance and website speed.  The website was loading in excess of 3 seconds, which would impact new customers staying on the page and UX (user experience).

We provided a quote to migrate the website to a new web host (SiteGround) in order to improve website speed and scores on speed indexes including Google Lighthouse and GMetrix. The results from GMetrix before and after are displayed below.

Web Speed Comparison