Think of your website like a shopping store

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Web Design

Following on from last week’s blog, 7 Ways to Make your Website look professional this week’s blog focuses on what your website and, more importantly, your home page says about you and your business.

I often like to refer to how a website’s home page, how it looks and how visitors navigate around it to a shop store.

Curious? Read on…

The Shop Window

In today’s world, we don’t visit the high street or shopping malls as much. 

But, when we do, we are enticed more towards the shop stores that are visually appealing and will lead us to go in, look around and maybe make a purchase.  

If a storefront is untidy, doesn’t project what visitors are looking for, or is otherwise unappealing then visitors are more likely to turn around and look elsewhere.

This is the same as your website and it must project your brand, appeal to potential and returning visitors, and entice them to scroll down and click on call to action links or other pages of your website.

Easy to navigate

Just as important when you get in the store is the ease of navigation.  

Are signs located in the right areas, easy to read and make sure visitors get to the right place?  

Again, if the shop is untidy, it makes it harder for visitors to navigate around the store and less likely for them to find what they want.

A store should be visually appealing and easy to navigate to facilitate visitors to find what they want and then make a purchase.  

This needs to be the same for your website.  Navigating around your website needs to be easy for your visitors, enabling them to find what they are looking for (remember the 3-click rule) and ultimately click on a call to action button (e.g. contact you or make a purchase).

Where do visitors make payments?

Just like a shop, you need to indicate clearly how visitors sign up for your service or make payments.  Then you need to make it easy for them to make payments (e.g PayPal etc.).  

Today’s consumers are looking for the quickest and safest way to sign up or purchase your service, therefore, your website needs to facilitate this and make it easy for your visitors.

If you design your website yourself make sure you consider these factors and this will ensure visitors return, stay on your website longer and eventually make a purchase.

Good luck,


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