5 Genuine reasons why charities should seek a web designer to help with their website

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We’ll outline five genuine reasons why charities and not-for-profit organisations should seek out the services of a good web designer and how they can benefit your organisation.

Having worked with a few charity organisation’s I’ve seen some good websites, but on the whole, I’ve found that most need help when it comes to their website and getting the most from it.

Your website will look the part

Web designers do what it says in the job description

Websites with a good and clear design have huge advantages over those that don’t. 

Websites with a great design make it easier for users to:

  • Know that the website is for the expected organisation with clear and concise branding.
  • Scan the website easily and find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Easily use the website across all devices (e.g., mobile phones and tablets).

The use of different design concepts can impact how visitors engage with and use a website.

The main factors for design include:

  • Layout. Designers use grids (also known as wireframes) to aid with the design process.
  • Use of white space and keeping the design simple. Which enables users to easily scan the website and improves UX (see below)

Check out one of our websites as a great example at www.dallamano.co.uk

Make it easy for web visitors to use your website

Web Designers know how to improve UX (user experience)

Linked to design concepts, UX is a crucial area of web design. Poor UX will lead to visitors dropping off your website quicker than rats jumping from a sinking ship.

The elements that a good web designer can help with to improve UX includes:

  • Website speed
  • Website navigation
  • Website accessibility (e.g., colour contrast and alt text for visually impaired users)
  • Clear call to action buttons (e.g., learn more)

Web Designers make it easier for visitors to find you online

If your website can’t be seen, does it exist?

It does, but one of the main challenges for any website is being found, and for many attaining the holy grail of position number one on search engines.

Web designers and developers can improve online visibility with SEO techniques. Some of these include elements previously covered. Other techniques include:

  • Keyword strategy (creating the right keywords your visitors will use to find your website and its pages).
  • Setting up meta tags and descriptions for all areas of the website
  • Optimising images for website speed and keywords
  • Using internal and external links

Improve funding opportunities with analytics and website reports

Web Designers know how to track visitors and gain valuable information.

Charity and not-for-profit funders are now asking for website analytics more often. Therefore, your organisation needs to know how to add Google tracking and how to create reports.

Web designers and developers can easily add Google Analytics tracking and help create reports that can:

  • Analyse web statistics (e.g., number of visitors, gender, age-range, location, etc)
  • Discover new opportunities for new services
  • Provide vital information for funding

Maintain your website and keep it safe from hackers

Web Designers know how to maintain and keep a website safe.

When we’ve been asked to look at an organisation’s website it’s not surprising how many we find are not being properly maintained, especially for WordPress websites.

If a website is not maintained, it can lead to slow website speed and open to being hacked.

Unfortunately, this is a job that requires regular attention and a bit of time every month to maintain.

Within your organisation, it needs to be established whether someone has the time (and knowledge) to complete this task to maintain your website.

What’s the impact for your organisation?

Obtaining help with your website can benefit your organisation in the following ways:

  • Improves how you engage with your customer base and stakeholders
  • Improves online visibility, leading to new opportunities and more inquiries
  • Allows you to provide funders with additional information, with the potential for further funding opportunities
  • Analytics allows for further research on visitor demographics, allowing your organisation to tailor the services you provide

You may need help with some of these elements or all of them. Elev8 Web Design has previous experience working with the charity and not-for-profit sectors.

We write regular blogs on web design, SEO, and other elements of web development, have our own YouTube channel and a variety of services to help your organisation.

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Chris 🙂

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