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by | Jan 25, 2021 | Web Design, Web Development

Website Case Study: The Chiropractor

Having worked with charities and local businesses it’s great to see a client’s ideas, branding, and requirements come to fruition. The website case study highlights all this and more.

In February 2020, I approached a local chiropractor (The Chiropractor, North Shields) to see if they wanted a website, as I had noticed they didn’t have one. At the time, their Google business page linked to a regulatory body’s website for chiropractors.

The initial consultation was face-to-face and went well as I explained my processes, what I would deliver, and the costs (the build and other additional fees; for example, web hosting).

The client was happy to proceed, and we went on to discuss the design and elements of the web design. Here at Elev8 Web Design, we use a template to determine what the client wants the website to achieve, understanding their branding and values, competitors, and websites that they like or inspire them.

The owner, Marie, already had a brochure with a logo, font type, and colour that I utilised for the design. As with all my website design projects, I then started work on designing the website.

Whenever possible, I prefer to visit client premises (if they have one) to get a better feel for the business. With some projects, some clients will ask me to take photos for them. For this project, I used the wall decor as a background for the website and took a few custom photos.


Marie liked the look of a website I had done for a local coffee shop (Cullercoats Coffee), so I based the design around this. As always, I started with the hero image (the main image seen at the top of the webpage). For this, I adapted a photo I had taken of the front of the practice.

As Chiropractors work with the spine, I wanted to bring the feeling of movement and curvature to the design. To do this, I created curved dividers between specific sections of the page, with animation added to the divider below the hero image. I also used a curved frame for other images on the website.

The first section of the website explains how Chiropractors can help people, what patients should expect on their first visit, and the different techniques used.

The next section introduces the team and has a small background story on how Marie became a Chiropractor. I used a wall-paper background from the practice reception area as the background for this section as I felt it would provide visitors (to the website and the practice) with a feeling of assurance and relaxation.


Towards the bottom of the home page, there is a contacts section (including a map and opening times) and customer reviews. The footer section including links to regulatory organisations, Facebook and Instagram.

Having completed the design, I organised another meeting with Marie to go over it and make any adjustments. Marie was delighted with the website design, and the only adjustments were to some of the copy.


With everything agreed, the next steps were to:

  • Sort hosting. Marie already had a domain name and hosting arranged. I needed to contact the web host to enable me to install and use WordPress.
  • Build the website based on the design, including customising the website to achieve the look and user interaction required.
  • Import necessary plugins, including security, backup, and SEO (search engine optimisation).
  • Carry out basic SEO, including meta tags, meta description, and image alt tags (for accessibility).
  • Check the website for different mobile, tablet, and search browser responsiveness.

Once I had the website built and happy that all my checks were completed, I was ready for Marie to check the website and then go live.

Marie was thrilled with the new website and gave me this review on Facebook

“Guided me patiently through the planning and design stage with knowledge and expertise, but thereafter continued to provide ongoing support and suggestions which was reassuringly above and beyond what I’d expected. He was quick to act and always responsive, available and contactable. Cannot commend more highly.”

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