2021 : How to instantly make your website ready for the new year.

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With 2021 now underway, have you updated your website, and have you made sure your website is ready?

What should you be doing to ready your website for 2021 and get the most from it?

Page Content

Adding new page content or updating the current content will help improve SEO (search engine optimisation) and provide visitors with new and updated information.

Google loves new content on websites. However, many website business owners aren’t aware that updating current content or blogs also helps improve SEO.

Updating existing blogs with new content and then informing Google that the content is revised, either by adding an update section to the blog (see image below) or changing the date of the blog in WordPress or your CMS (content management system).

Check Links and images

Broken links frustrate visitors and can harm SEO. By checking your website for broken links you improve user experience through:

  • Improved navigation
  • Links to correct articles or external websites
  • Social media interaction

Want more information on this subject? Read this article from SEOPressor.Com

Images can sometimes expire or disappear too. Check through previous articles and all pages to ensure the images are still displaying as they should.

Check Meta Descriptions

Check your meta descriptions for your home page and other important pages (for example, services and products).

We use RankMath on all our sites to help with SEO, meta tags, and meta descriptions. It’s easy to use and to make any changes when required.

For more help with meta tags and meta description, read our previous article on SEO.

Update your Footer

Make sure your footer year and information are all up to date. Some footer information can be set-up to update the year automatically.  

Check your website, and if the year isn’t up to date log-in and change the year accordingly.

Check PageInsights (for new Google algorithm)

BTW some of these changes are more technical than the previous sections and may require a web developer to help implement the changes.

If you are not aware, PageInsights (aka Lighthouse) is the new tool from Google to check that your website meets the new algorithm changes coming into effect from May 2021.

Visit PageInsights.Com and enter your domain name to receive your report.

The PageInsights report will provide information to improve your website speed, and therefore, improved user experience.

Elements of the Pageinsight report include FCP (first continual paint), FID (first input delay), LCP (largest continual paint), and CLS (cumulative layout shift).

FCP indicates how long it takes for visitors to see the content on your website, and how long it takes to interact with the website.  

According to Google (add link), FCP (first continual paint) should be between 0-1000ms (0-1 second), FID (first input delay) should be 0-100ms.

LCP (largest continual paint) is the time taken for the website’s main content to load. Ideally, this should be between 0-2500ms (0-2.5 seconds).

The last metric, CLS (cumulative layout shift) determines the visual stability of the website when loading or scrolling. A good CLS score of 0.1 or less will improve user experience.

For examples of good and poor CLS, read this article from GT Metrix

Mobile Friendly

With many web visitors using mobile phones to access websites, it’s important that your website is mobile responsive in 2021.

Your PageInsights report will also provide a score for mobile phones as well as desktops. Google also provides another tool to check that your website is mobile responsive.

Visit here to check your website is mobile responsive then check the details from the PageInsights report on how you can improve your score for mobile.

With 2021 underway don’t let your website be left behind. Using these steps above and you’ll be well on your way to making sure your website is ready.

If you require help with any of these areas please email me at [email protected] or check out our services page.

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