WordPress: The Complete Beginners Guide

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Web Design, Web Development, WordPress

There are so many options for small businesses, bloggers, and charities when it comes to building a website.

For me, WordPress is the best option as it:

  • Gives you control over where to host your website
  • Is flexible
  • Better for SEO
  • The most widely used CMS around
  • Provides more options
  • Plenty of plug-ins and plug-in support
  • Can cost less

It took me a while to get the hang of WordPress at the start. In this blog, I’ll be setting out the initial steps to starting your first WordPress website.

Register your domain name and choosing a web host.

Choosing a domain name is another subject on its own. Check out this article for some good advice on choosing a domain name.

123 Reg offers fantastic value for domain names, with domains starting from 99p. If you decide on a different host (which I would recommend), then I’ll show you how to point a website towards the domain name later.

As for a web host, it depends on what the host offers. The minimum I would look for in a WebHost is a free WordPress installation, free SSL certificate, and free email.

Two web hosts who offer both are One.Com and SiteGround. One.Com is ideal for one-page websites and charities. Click this link to receive £5 back when you sign up. SiteGround is great for larger websites wanting better speed. Here is the link for SiteGround.

Installing your website.

If you’re not using One.Com or SiteGround search your host’s help section for 1-click install, or check out this article on how to install WordPress manually.

You’ve got your domain name and your host sorted. What’s next?

The next step is to download and install WordPress. If you are using One.Com or SiteGround follow the links below for 1-click installation.

One.Com (link)

How to point your website towards your domain

As mentioned previously, if you are using a different company for domain name registration and hosting, then you will need to point your website towards your domain. I’ve included a link on how to do this via 123-reg below.


Here are the details for the named servers for One.Com (correct at time of blog) and the link for SiteGround.



Logging on and navigating your WordPress dashboard.

Some web hosts will have a login section. However, you can also log on using your domain name followed by /wp-admin (e.g. domainname.com/wp-admin). Bringing up the following log on page:


The WordPress dashboard will load once you’ve logged on.

WordPress Dashboard

Move your mouse cursor to the top left-hand side of the dashboard hover over the Home (house) button and click on visit site. You will now see the basic WordPress page.

Hooray!! You’ve done it, well, the first part. WordPress is installed and ready to go.

Now you can start to design your site, choosing a theme to use, plugins, images, and much more. That’s for another blog post, which will be ready in the New Year.

For more hints and tips check out previous blogs or our YouTube channel.

Happy designing!!

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